Hear what others have to say about Jeff and The Way

Jeff Spadafora is quite simply the best coach and mentor anyone could hope for.
— Matt Levy, FOunder of Credera Consulting and author of The Business of Faith

The most powerful thing about The Joy Model is that Jeff isn’t writing theory...He’s lived out these timeless and divine principles!
— Chad Bruegman, Teaching Pastor at Red Rocks Church

I’m a big fan of Jeff Spadafora. He has been my coach for more than two years, helping me move from success to significance and discover my path to joy, happiness, and purpose.
— Ken Blanchard, Founder of Ken Blanchard Companies and author of The One MInute Manager

“Jeff has been more than a life coach or mentor to me — our many conversations were more than just “holding up a mirror so I could see myself more clearly.” He had a way of feeling what I was feeling, offering approaches and options that were real to him as well. He held me accountable — not to him, but to myself — and always rooted in scripture that pointed me to my relationship with Jesus Christ”
— Bob Rhoades, Pharmaceutical Executive

Jeff has an uncanny ability to meet people where they are and then help them to the next level. He’s a trusted advisor with tremendous insights on spiritual, vocational and emotional matters.
— Tyler Burke, Investment Management and Venture Capital expert