The Way



 Men of faith know that a life of freedom, purpose, and joy is available to them.  But for most, the clutch is slipping somewhere between the theory and the reality. They're stuck with a vague sense of smoldering discontent.  

The Way provides a dynamic blend of teaching, coaching, adventure, and comradery to help Colorado men break out of this pattern and start living with clarity and courage in their work, faith, relationships, finances, and health.


If you have wrestled with any of the questions above, know that you are not alone. We understand the challenge and frustration of knowing you are called to more, but not knowing what that looks like. At The Way we use Jeff’s 4 step approach to walking forward towards the life that God is calling you to.

Discover your Purpose > identify key obstacles >  Build the plan > Execute the plan  


A New Way

The Way is led by Jeff Spadafora – a seasoned business leader, Expert Christian life coach, and author of The Joy Model.

Jeff founded The Way to help Christian men who are yearning for meaning, purpose, and joy, but instead are trapped in a state of "smoldering discontent."  Not that life is miserable. In fact, it could be fairly good and comfortable. But it's too safe. Suboptimized.

They've heard time and time again that God has a grand and adventurous purpose for them, but they just can't catch the vision... let alone make confident decisions to move from Point A to Point B. Jeff helps men bridge this gap.  

And when this gap is bridged, we become courageous warriors who bring the love and truth of Christ into our spheres of influence. Jeff has committed himself to invest deeply into the lives of a handful of men who are willing to step into this heavenly assignment and opportunity.

Learn more about the communities of The Way


The Way for Seasoned Leaders

This community is designed for seasoned leaders seeking spiritual growth, clarity of life purpose, and joy in every dimension of their lives.

The Way for Emerging Leaders

This is a one year program designed for early-to-mid career men growing in their leadership and influence who are seeking greater faith-life integration, career and leadership excellence, and a pathway to biblical manhood.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing
— John 15:5