The  Way

Freedom ➢ Inspiration ➢ Implementation

The Kingdom is Counting on courageous warriors willing to take risks to bring the love and truth of God to our spheres of influence. Jeff has committed himself to invest deeply in the lives of a small community of men who are willing to step up to this task.



Meet Jeff Spadafora, founder of The Way

The Way is not a program or an ‘academy.’ It’s a multitude of small groups of men doing life together, battling for one another, cherishing one another’s dreams, and making a mark in the world for the Glory of God.
— Jeff Spadafora

Jeff Spadafora is a former management consultant and leadership development expert for Fortune 1000 companies. In 2005, God led him to repurpose his time, talent and treasure toward helping successful people in mid-life transition discover and engage in their second half calling.  He did this as a part of the leadership team at the Halftime Institute where he was the Director of Life Purpose Curricula that was used by thousands of people. He was also Director of Global Coaching Services and trained 41 Halftime Institute-certified coaches in 6 countries.

As a result of training Halftime coaches, directly coaching 100’s of successful Christians one-on-one, and speaking and facilitating workshops globally, he wrote The Joy Model to provide a blueprint for people to live with peace, purpose, courage, character and freedom.

 In 2018, on an extended sabbatical along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the Holy Spirit guided Jeff back to the fundamentals of discipleship.  To double-down on being a life-on-life disciple maker and not an organization builder. To help men break through any and all barriers preventing them to live and love like Christ. To grow in this direction with others, locally, over time. 

If you're ready to take the next step in your personal, professional and faith life, then join one of The Way small group communities and let the adventure begin.

Meet Darren Moyer, Facilitator, Coach, and Spiritual Director of The Way

Darren is a former executive in the recruiting industry where he spent over 10 years consulting Fortune 500 to mid-size corporations on recruiting all-star talent for leadership development programs and mid-management positions. After a trip to Nicaragua in 2016, Darren had a shift in his focus on a pursuit of success to living a life of significance found in service to others after reading the book "Halftime" and having a conversation with Jeff Spadafora. 

 On New Year’s Eve of 2017 in Nepal, Darren had an encounter with the Lord calling him to be a disciple and disciple maker. The following year, Darren heard Jeff present The Joy Model at a Young Professionals Event and soon thereafter became a charter member of the Emerging Leaders Community of The Way.

 Darren is a firm believer that knowledge of God is not enough. It is through engagement in the Spiritual Disciplines that we encounter and experience the life God has for us ---- a life abiding in Jesus filled with joy, peace, hope, love, and relationship with our eternal Father.  

 Darren has been involved in Men's Ministry since 2017 as a Leader with Life of Valor and as a Group Leader in the Celebrate Recovery Ministry at Red Rocks Church. Darren is currently getting his Christian Life Coach Certification from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute to increase his effectiveness in empowering men to discover identity, purpose, freedom, and transformation in community.  His vision is to equip men to be leaders who live by a Code of Honor and bring heaven to earth in their homes, communities, and the world. 


What we believe [and won't budge on]

  • God is supreme and pure love.

  • Your primary reason for being born is to be loved by God and then go pass that love on to others.

  • God is not mad at you when you sin. He is mad at Satan for trying to high jack your mind and soul and causing you to sin.

  • Having said that, unrepentant sin will separate you from the blessings of God now and in eternity. Hell on earth and hell later.

  • Jesus is our Savior and Lord and He modeled The Way.

  • The Holy Spirit is alive in us, wants to guide, and is our source of power and direction

  • Personal transformation, growth and breakthroughs happen locally, over time and in small groups.

  • There is no freedom without authenticity.

  • Discipleship is the method of The Way. Courage, creativity, and joy are the result.

  • The Bible contains all the answers.

  • Our life purpose and plan must advance God’s purpose and plan.

GOD HAS created you with a purpose and for a purpose.