Meet Jeff Spadafora, founder of The Way


Jeff Spadafora is a former management consultant and leadership development expert for Fortune 1000 companies. In 2005, God led him to repurpose his time, talent and treasure toward helping successful people in mid-life transition discover and engage in their second half calling.  He did this as a part of the leadership team at the Halftime Institute where he was the lead designer of their life purpose curriculum and their coaching methodology/training.

As a result of training Halftime coaches, 12 years of coaching 100’s of successful Christians, and speaking and facilitating workshops globally, he wrote The Joy Model to provide a blueprint for people to live with freedom, purpose, and joy.

“My assignment from God is to mentor men from frustation and fear into clarity and courage.”
— Jeff Spadafora

In 2018, on an extended sabbatical along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the Holy Spirit guided Jeff back to the fundamentals of discipleship.  To double-down on being a life-on-life disciple maker and not an organization builder. To help men break through any and all barriers preventing them to live and love like Christ. To grow in this direction with others, locally, over time. 

The Kingdom is counting on courageous warriors willing to take risks to bring the love and truth of God to their spheres of influence.   Jeff has committed himself to investing deeply in the lives of a few men who are willing to step up to this task. His vision is not of a “program” or an “academy,” but a band of brothers living life together, battling for one another, cherishing one another’s dreams, and making a mark in the world for the Glory of God.